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A beautiful figure cannot always be achieved through exercise and intense diet. This is because your body only burns fat which it can easily access. It will not burn fat in areas where circulation is poor.

Diet and exercise do not always combat cellulite either. It is established that weight loss and muscle building do not necessarily improve the texture of your skin. HYPOXI® will.

Hypoxi at The Face and Body Workshop

Important Facts

Hypoxi at The Face and Body Workshop


Eliminate stubborn fat deposits

Tone skin

Improve skin texture


Improved blood circulation

Accelerated fat metabolism

Elimination of toxins...

between the connective tissue





Long Lasting

The Central Role of Blood Circulation

Feel the difference with HYPOXI®

You can determine the strength of your blood supply to certain areas of your body by conducting a simple test.

After 30 minutes of exercise, touch the skin around your legs, buttocks, hips, stomach and chest.

You will notice that some areas feel warm, while others remain cold. The cooler the skin’s surface, the poorer the blood supply is to the tissue in that area, which in turn suggests it will be harder to burn fat there.

This is how the HYPOXI® therapy works - it strongly stimulates blood circulation in these problem areas.

hypoxi therapy

Circulation promotes fat burning

Put simply, fat burns more readily in the parts of the body that have a strong blood circulation, than in those with poor blood supply.

This fact explains why many of us find it difficult to eliminate fat and cellulite from certain areas of our body despite a strict diet and extensive training.

Blood is the means of transporting fatty acids during exercise. This is why the state of our circulatory system is so critical.

Fat tends to deposit and is very difficult to eliminate in areas where circulation is poor.

The easy way to get your body into shape


HYPOXI® therapy is based on established scientific principles and training methods. HYPOXI® has adopted these principles and methods and developed a technology to target and combat cellulite, fat deposits and slack connective tissue in the problem areas of the body.

Targeted fat burning

HYPOXI® targets undesired fat deposits through the unique combination of pressure alternating therapy and moderate fat burning activity. Alternating high and low pressure activates the tissue in those areas of the body where stubborn fat is located. The change in pressure effectively stimulates blood flow and accelerates the transport of fatty acids from these regions. The result is a targeted and long lasting centimetre reduction from the problematic areas

hypoxi therapy - The Face And Body Workshop hypoxi therapy in Camberley

The three elements of HYPOXI® Therapy

HYPOXI® treatment

Treatment is similar to the ancient technique of cupping, in that certain areas of the body are stimulated through the application of low pressure.

Compression therapy

During compression therapy, high pressure is applied to the tissue. This method is common in the treatment of varicose veins.

Fat burning exercise

Moderate training has the effect of stimulating the transport of fatty acids, thereby promoting fat metabolism.

Great results through the application of gentle pressure

Exhausting exercise sessions are now a thing of the past

The results achieved with HYPOXI® are beyond those ever achieved with conventional cardio training.

Low atmospheric pressure increases the blood supply and encourages the circulation to the cellulite and fat prone areas of the hips, thighs and buttocks.

Light cardio training is undertaken on a cycle. Through the unique combination of this therapy and training, the HYPOXI® L250 literally burns the fat from the targeted thigh and bum region.

Weight Loss - The Face And Body Workshop

Cellulite is one of life’s big frustrations...

but thankfully, science and technology have high impact solutions to throw at our unmotivated lumps and bumps.

Smoothing and firming the skin looks more youthful.

Burn Fat Through Carbohydrates

Nutrition and diet

Naturally, in order to achieve the best results with HYPOXI® L250, it is recommended that you maintain a healthy balanced diet and be conscious of your calorie intake, especially if you wish to reduce your size significantly.

However, a strict diet is not essential. Ensure your diet includes plenty of fruit and vegetables to supply your body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Multi grain products should also be consumed instead of white flour and highly processed products.

Nutrition and Diet - The Face And Body Workshop

White flour products are similar to the intake of pure sugar in the sense that both are readily absorbed into the blood stream and rapidly raise sugar levels in the body.

This impedes the burning of fat. It is important to consume the recommended daily intake two litres of water per day. Water is essential because it accelerates the transport of fatty acids, improves your complexion and has the added benefit of prolonging hunger pains.

Eating before and after your
HYPOXI® session

Before the therapy: carbohydrates, not protein or fat

‘Fat burns in the flame of carbohydrates’. Between 1 and 4 hours

before your HYPOXI® session, you must eat a small carbohydrate meal.

After the therapy: protein not carbohydrate or fat

Fatty acids have been consumed during your HYPOXI® L250 session. Therefore it is important that you do not consume carbohydrates or food high in fat after your session. You must eat a meal rich in protein, not carbohydrates and fat.

On your non-training days

In order to keep your metabolic rate high, we recommend you eat small,

regular healthy meals on your non-HYPOXI® days.

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About Us

The Face and Body Workshop delivers specialist, non-invasive, hi-tech treatments that make a visible, anti-ageing difference to the face and body.

Body treatments include the ever popular and exclusive Hypoxi L250 (for fat reduction on the bum, thighs and cellulite - pear shaped), Vacunaut (for the stomach, haunch and back - apple shaped). To enhance and further improve the results from these machines, choose the LipoFirmPRO (for smaller targeted areas across the body and for skin tightening using radio frequency). All of our machines deliver circumference and targeted fat reduction as well as skin tightening and cellulite reduction.

Facial treatments include the Geneo+ 4-in-1-super facial for deep peeling, oxygenation, infusion and radio frequency. The Geneo+ delivers the ultimate in skin brightening, tone, tightening and wrinkle reduction. Facials can be layered with multiple technologies such as LED light therapy and oxygen for the ultimate in results driven, tailored facials.

The clinic offers its face and body clients the option to book Gelish manicures, pedicures, tinting, massage and much more.

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