Décolletage Hands and Neck

Décolletage, Hands and Neck

The Tell-Tale Signs of Ageing

We may be achieving a more youthful look by enjoying regular tailored anti-ageing technology facial treatments, but sadly the hands of time can be quite cruel when it comes to other areas of our body as well.

As we age, our hands will lose the volume that our youthful collagen once provided and this, in turn, leads to the veins on our hands becoming more apparent and of course we will more often than not, notice the development of age spots caused through sun damage that occurred earlier in our lives.

 Décolletage, Hands and Neck
Décolletage, Hands and Neck at The Face and Body Workshop Camberley

Delicate Areas Addressed

The same applies to the delicate décolletage area where collagen is lost and the area becomes thinner and also begins to show the signs of sun damage and pigmentation. Additionally, our neck area will show signs of ageing as the skin becomes thinner and the skin starts to become looser and sag.

A combination of regular deep exfoliation treatments coupled with radio frequency collagen boosting and skin tightening can really help to reduce the signs of ageing in these other parts of our body and enable us to feel more confident in our overall appearance.