The ultimate facial treatment, the Geneo+ uses the very latest facial technology and skin care knowledge to deliver a 4-in-1 approach that not only works from the outside of the skin, but from the inside too. The skin looks smoother, firmer and brighter, which helps to give a naturally youthful appearance. This treatment is also great for common concerns, such as fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, dull lacklustre skin and acne scarring.

How It Works

This treatment uses the Geneo+ machine and a series of different technologies, in a step by step process. The therapist carefully chooses which settings and what products to use, following on from an in-depth consultation at our Camberley Clinic and discussion on any skin concerns there may be.

The first step uses Radio Frequency (RF) to stimulate the fibroblasts in the skin to increase collagen production, target the fibres and elastin to improve tightness and stimulate blood flow and circulation in the area. While this part of the treatment sounds very technical, it actually feels pleasantly warm and extremely soothing on the skin.

The next step uses the unique OxyPods products to exfoliate, oxygenate and infuse products into the skin. The OxyPods are natural, plant-based products that come in a variety of options, which are chosen to suit the individual’s skincare concerns. This part of the treatment triggers the natural oxygenation from within, by harnessing the skins natural oxygen molecules in what is known as The Bohr Effect. This also helps to infuse the product deeper into the skin. On top of all this, the skin is also deeply exfoliated, to reveal soft, smooth and brighter skin.

When choosing the Deluxe option, not only does the skin receive more RF for the ultimate anti-ageing effect, but the infusion massage is also included. This helps to relax tense muscles, stimulate blood flow and infuse the specially chosen products further. This option is perfect for those wanting to work more on anti-ageing skin concerns, target very dehydrated skin or simply experience the ultimate full facial treatment.

Expected Result

Skin will look smoother, plumper and brighter, as well as feeling tighter and more nourished. A course is recommended to achieve optimum results and increase longevity.


Brittish Pound Sign

Geneo+: £90 The Geneo+ Deluxe: £110


Duration of Treatment

Geneo+: 60 minutes The Geneo+ Deluxe: 90 minutes



None required


Treatment Interval

When carrying out a course of these treatments, 6-8 facials to be carried out weekly, and monthly maintenance is recommended for optimal results.

Questions and Advice

Pre Treatment Advice

Pre-treatment advice: Avoid using any injectables, skin peels, retinol-based products and laser treatments in the 4 weeks prior to treatment – if so, this needs to be discussed with the therapist prior to booking, otherwise it may impact the ability for the treatment to be carried out when booked. Post-treatment advice: Avoid wearing makeup for 24 hours, avoid any heat treatments such as sun tanning beds and don’t use any retinol-based or highly stimulating products for 48 hours.

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