LVL Lash Lift


Working with your natural lashes, this treatment creates the look of longer, thicker and fuller looking lashes, which in turn makes your eyes appear more open and awake.

How it works

The lashes are lifted from the root and pushed back onto a silicone shield that has been appropriately chosen for the length of the natural lashes. A total of four products are then applied step by step and timed accordingly. The first two steps allow the lash structure to be changed and then sealed into its new shape, they are then tinted darker to the desired level and finally cleaned and nourished, leaving beautiful and healthy lashes.

Expected Result

Natural lashes are instantly transformed and look visibly different.


Brittish Pound Sign



Duration of Treatment

60 Minutes



None required


Treatment Interval

Can be carried out every 8 weeks.

Questions and Advice

Pre Treatment Advice

Pre-treatment advice: A patch test needs to be carried out at least 48 hours prior, otherwise treatment can’t be undertaken. Avoid mascara for 24 hours prior, waterproof mascara for 48 hours prior and no fake tanning in the 24 hours prior. Please wear no eye makeup to the appointment and take out any contact lenses prior to treatment being carried out. Post-treatment advice: Avoid getting them wet or wearing mascara for 24 hours. Avoid saunas, any form of steam and chlorine for 48 hours

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