Weight Loss & Fat Reduction

At The Face & Body Workshop salon in Camberley, Surrey we offer a wide range of personalised, effective non-invasive weight loss treatments aimed at reshaping, slimming and sculpting your most troublesome areas - along with specific steps to target even the most stubborn cellulite!

Non-Invasive Weight Loss Treatments

Pain-Free, Fast & Effective Fat Loss Treatments

Our range of professional weight reduction treatments include fat-busting body wraps which will also firm, tone and improve the elasticity of your skin.  We can quickly and effectively treat those 'hard to tackle areas' like your inner thighs, tummy, arms and knees.

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We offer complimentary consultations at our Camberley salon so we can get a detailed understanding of what you want to achieve.  That way we can perfectly tailor your treatment to you to give you the best possible results.,

You can find out more about our weight loss services below before calling our award-winning Camberley salon on (01276) 675522 to arrange your free consultation.

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Weight-Loss Treatments at Top Camberley Beauty Salon

HYPOXI® L250 Therapy

HYPOXI® L250 Therapyi s a hi-tech treatment that uses alternating low pressure to stimulate blood circulation to aid fat burning in problem areas like the buttocks and thighs. The result is long-lasting fat loss and improved skin texture.

Triple Action Fat Reduction

With visible results from the first treatment and long-lasting results over time, Lipofirm Pro combines radio frequency deep heating with internal muscle contractions and pressure from the applicator to remove fat, tighten skin and aid lymphatic drainage.

lipofirm med at camberley salon

Lipofirm MED

Lipofirm MED is an advanced treatment to improve the body by making the skin tighter, smoother and more sculpted.  It uses the latest technology including radiofrequency, microneedling and deep heating.

Body Wraps & Patches

Body wraps apply heat and active ingredients to break down fat cells which are then released through the body's natural waste processes. Body patches are for at-home use on stubborn fat.