Do Men Age Differently To Women?

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We treat both men and women for a number of skin concerns including wrinkles, pigmentation, scarring and acne. As you can see from this article, men and women have very different skin types and we age very differently indeed!

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Who Ages The Best?  Men or Women?

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Avoid the sun if you want your skin to keep its youthful glow!

We all know someone who looks ten years younger than their age.  So, what’s their secret?  

Very often it can be down to the fact that they have always taken care of their skin – protecting it from sunlight with a good sunscreen, having regular high quality facials and investing in the best skin care products.

Women tend to be more vigilant when it comes to their skin and often have a good skin care routine which involves cleansing, toning and moisturising, as well as using a sunscreen with a high Sun Protection Factor.

Men, however, are blessed with thicker skin and more collagen! Their skin is about 25% thicker than women’s skin and it thins gradually with age, whereas women’s skin remains the same thickness until their reach the menopause.  After the menopause, female skin thins significantly as the years pass.

Men also have more collagen in ratio to the thickness of their skin which can keep them looking younger for longer.  Both men and women lose about 1% of their collagen per year after their 30th birthday.  However, this increases significantly in women after menopause (although there is good news as it tends to slow down after a few years to a loss of 2% per year.)

Men are more likely to suffer from acne after puberty than women.  Sebum production is greater in males than females and puberty also stimulates the appearance of facial hair in men, which results in more sweat secretions.

Fortunately for men, they also have better hydrated skin than women which may be why fewer men feel the need to use a moisturiser.

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Look Younger with the Best Anti-Ageing Treatments in Camberley at The Face & Body Workshop 

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We can reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, help plump up collagen, improve your skin tone and elasticity and generally make you look younger

Our treatments range from oxygen facials to compression treatments, LED Light Therapy and microcurrent facials.  All our facials and body treatments are non-invasive too which means there is very little or no downtime afterwards.