Cellulite Problems? Don’t Get Conned, Get Results

How To Get Rid of Stubborn Cellulite at The Face & Body Workshop in Camberley 

Cellulite problems? Don’t get conned, get results. From status symbol of wealth, fertility and indulgence in the 16 th Century, to frowned-upon indicator of bad health and gluttony in the 21 st century – cellulite, orange peel, the mattress phenomenon – whatever you call it, as many as 90% of women experience it.

Whilst many cases are mild and require no attention, the most severe grade of cellulite (grade 3) – can cause distress and discomfort leading to many women searching high and low for a cellulite-busting solution. But can the appearance of cellulite actually be reduced or removed altogether?

Cellulite Reduction at Top Camberley Aesthetic Clinic

First of all, it’s important to understand what cellulite actually is. Cellulite is a completely natural and normal ‘condition’ which occurs when deposits of fat push through connective tissue below the skin. This can cause a dimpled, lumpy appearance and usually occurs on the buttocks and thighs.

It can affect both men and women but is more common in women due to the distribution of fat, muscle and connective tissue. Many factors can affect the occurrence of cellulite including age, hormones, diet, circulation, lifestyle and genetics. There are literally hundreds of ‘treatments’ out there claiming (and failing) to banish cellulite for good – from eating certain foods to wearing compression tights, using coffee scrubs and body brushes to having surgery.

Whilst diet products, creams and scrubs will damage nothing more than your bank balance, drastic surgical procedures can create lifelong problems. Surgical liposuction involves permanently removing pockets of fat cells using suction. Many assume that this physical removal of fat will reduce the presence of cellulite – but this is not necessarily the case. What’s worse, is that when patients inevitably start to consume fat in their diet, areas where fat cells still exist overcompensate for areas where fat cells were removed, resulting in a lumpy, uneven skin appearance.

LipoFirm Pro – As Seen On ITV’s ‘This Morning’

On top of this, liposuction comes with all the dangers and risks of surgery, is vastly more expensive than non-surgical treatments and can have lengthy recovery times. We often see clients 6-12 months after liposuction surgery, who require non-surgical treatments toattempt to smooth out the area where liposuction was carried out. Cue Lipofirm PRO. You may have
caught a segment recently on ITV’s This Morning where they looked at methods of combatting cellulite. One of the methods featured was the Lipofirm PRO fat reduction, cellulite reduction and skin tightening treatment – as offered here at The Face and Body Workshop.

This non-surgical, minimal-recovery treatment uses innovative technology and methods to tighten skin, reduce fat, reduce cellulite and contour the body. The Lipofirm PRO has two patented technologies which work synergistically in reducing fat and giving a lift/skin tightening effect to the skin; TriLipo Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) and TriLipo Radio-Frequency (Tripolar RF or TRF). Read more about the science behind the method here.

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby, who cheekily quipped “Just ignore it!” when introducing the cellulite segment, couldn’t believe her eyes at the model’s results after three sessions with Lipofirm PRO, as she commented “Oh WOW! That’s REALLY good, you must be over the moon with that!”.

lipofirm pro camberley, cellulite treatment camberley

Lipofirm Pro Treatment in Camberley: The Benefits 

Which is exactly how our clients feel when each treatment is finished. Thanks for the approval, Holly! The Lipofirm PRO treatment doesn’t just contribute to the visible reduction of cellulite, its powers stretch much further than that. Impressive, long lasting treatment benefits include;

  • Focused fat reduction
  • Long term circumferential decrease
  • Skin tightening
  • Firming facial contouring
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Lifting, toning and firming of muscles
  • Detoxification improved drainage
  • Enhanced blood circulation
  • Oxygenation

And from just £95 a session, that’s quite a value proposition. 

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We are not of the opinion that we must banish all cellulite and fat on our bodies – we’re all human after all. However, if you are unhappy with the severity of your cellulite, or the wobbliness or your wobbly bits, and want to consider long lasting, safe and effective anti-cellulite treatments, please contact us at enquiries@thefaceandbodyworkshop.co.uk or call 01276 675522.

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