Introducing The dōTERRA AromaTouch Massage

The Face & Body Workshop are thrilled to be introducing the dōTERRA AromaTouch Massage to our Camberley nonsurgical aesthetics clinic. This relaxing, healing and rejuvenating massage features the Doterra range of essential oils to produce a profound whole-body wellness experience.

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What Happens During My AromaTouch Massage Treatment at The Face & Body Workshop?

During your dōTERRA AromaTouch massage treatment, a combination of calming, immune boosting, anti-inflammatory, and balance inducing oils are applied to the back in a soothing repetition of strokes.  

This is a 45-minute treatment costs just £48 and would work particularly well when combined with our recently launched ‘Relax and Rejuvenate’ facial – a deeply relaxing and detoxifying treatment that uses highly effective pressure point techniques, making it the perfect way to switch off and unwind.

Using dōTERRA aroma oils, our ‘Relax and Rejuvenate’ facial is tailored to your needs and includes a hand, foot and shoulder massage to release all of the stress and tension you are carrying. It is sure to leave you feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated. Cost is £68 and your treatment lasts for 1 hour 10mins.

What Are The Benefits of AromaTouch Doterra Massage?

best massage camberley, essential oils massage camberley AromaTouch provides comforting and relaxing effects, by combining essential oils that add important benefits to a massage. The primary benefits of this fantastic treatment include;

Comforting and Relaxing – Anxiety and stress have a huge negative impact on every aspect of your life. Being able to just relax and let the properties of this oil absorb into your body is one of the best lines of defence as it comforts and relaxes your mind and body.

Loosens Tension – It’s a very effective oil at relieving the tension built up in your muscles. Try using on your neck and back, in particular, to loosen up the muscles and release tension built up throughout the day.

Full-body Aromatic Experience – This oil is divine at giving a full-body relaxing experience. The fresh, minty aroma along with the deep muscle rub properties makes this one of the best oils for a relaxing massage after a long day.

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