LED Light Therapy

The Anti-Ageing Benefits of LED Light Therapy

Anti-ageing treatments, red light therapy, The Face & Body Workshop in Camberley, SurreyLED light therapy stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin and can also reduce the symptoms associated with acne, sun-damaged, pigmented skin.

In the 1980s, NASA scientists discovered that LEDs (light-emitting diodes) stimulate plant growth and subsequently found they have the same effect on skin, stimulating mitochondria (cell fuel) and boosting our collagen production.

At The Face & Body Workshop in Camberley, we harness those safe wavelengths of light to stimulate cells, increase circulation and promote collagen growth to give you one of the most effective non-invasive ways to rejuvenate ageing skin.

Improve Appearance of Acne & Rosacea with LED Light Treatments

LED light therapy can be included in any of our other facials or as a stand-alone treatment.  Book in for a free consultation with one of our skin experts so we can assess the best treatment or course of treatments for you.  Call the salon on (01276) 657722.

These are just some of the benefits you can expect from a course of LED light therapy treatments at our award-winning aesthetics salon in Camberley:

Skin Rejuvenatione with Red Light Therapy 
Red light is effective on all skin types and is effective as a skin rejuvenation treatment, improving blood flow and increasing collagen production.  It can also be beneficial in calming the inflammation linked to acne, pigmentation and rosacea.

Improve the Appearance of Acne with Blue Light Therapy
Blue lightwavelengths have powerful anti-bacterial properties that cleanse and purify the skin, killing the bad bacteria that causes spots and acne. Blue light also has anti-spasmodic properties that relieve tension.

Oily & Dry Combination Skin  Treatments with Violet LED Light 
Combination skin which may have oily and dry areas, reacts well to violet light.  Red and blue lights have very specific wavelengths and, when used together, kill acne bacteria and help the skin to heal.

Reduce Age Spots & Sun Damage with Green Light Therapy
Green light effectively targets dark circles, pigmentation, broken capillaries and sunspots, while also calming sensitive, irritated or over-stimulated skin.

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