Radio Frequency

Anti-Ageing Radio Frequency Face Treatments in Camberley

radio frequency anti ageing treatments, Camberley beauty salonRadio frequency is a non-invasive treatment that tightens up sagging skin on the face and body - ideal for drooping jowls, ageing necks, and loose skin on the arms, thighs and stomach.

Radio waves are an energy that has been used for many decades in a variety of medical applications.  Using this safe and effective technology, we can direct radio waves at the areas to be treated to produce a safe heating, lifting and firming effect.

How Does Radio Frequency Work?

The radio frequency beam safely targets the deepest layers of skin to stimulate the collagen - the substance which gives elasticity and youthfulness to the skin. The radio frequencies cause water molecules in the deeper layers of the skin to vibrate which, in turn, creates the friction that causes a heating effect. When heat is applied to the collagen fibres, they shrink and tighten up.  Over time, following multiple treatments, new permanent collagen forms.

Look Younger with Radio Frequency Facials

Radio Frequency Treatments, Anti-Ageing Treatments, The Face & Body Workshop in CamberleyRadio frequency treatments are effective on the face but can also be focused on any part of the body to tighten loose and sagging skin. We have experienced excellent results on the face, jowls and neck, breasts, tummy, upper arms and thighs.  After treatment, the skin tightens up and contours more to the body, giving your body and face a younger and fresher appearance.

The great news is that there is no recovery time, no healing scars, no anaesthetic required and little or no pain during or after the treatment. All that may be noticed is a slight reddening of the skin for about one day. The collagen tightening occurs at the actual time of treatment and the new collagen is also stimulated to form over time after the treatment.

For best results, we advise six to eight treatments, with each treatment time lasting up to 40 minutes. We may also recommend additional follow up treatments for maintenance.  Radio frequency should be viewed as something that will deliver steady improvements rather than an immediate solution.

Please book in for a complimentary consultation prior to your radio frequency treatment so we can assess your skin and advise you on the best course of treatments available.  You can call our award-winning Cambeley salon on (01276) 675522.

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